Books recommendation: Web Design

If you are beginner in the field of web design, there are different books that can help you to create your first project successfully. Sometimes the quickest way to get creative inspiration for a project is to see what others have done.
I will bring to your attention a pair of books that will give you a lot of advises and concepts. All of them are tested and will help you to gain more experience.

The Unusually Useful Web Book

What is the thing that is unusually useful in this book? 2 books in 1!
The Unusually Useful Web Book delivers large amount of information in a way that is approachable and helpful. The book presents details of planning, designing, building, and maintaining websites and contains do-it-yourself worksheets, lessons from the trenches, advice from experts, and jargon explanations. Anyone who has a passion for web design will enjoy this book for sure!

The Design of Sites

It is easy to create a website. But it takes research, skills and experience to make well-crafted site. The authors of “The Design of Sites” have done much of the research for you and after analysis of more than a hundred high-quality websites, they show us basic principles and best practices that make sites enjoyable to visit. This book addresses all of the functional pieces of a website and it is great set of patterns for web design, which are applicable to a wide variety of site genres. It presents easy to understand explanations for the concepts and full color screen shots, illustration and diagrams, helping to round out the ideas. The book should be read by anyone embarking into site design.

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